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We all have to do something for a living. My field of work is Information Technology. Madryn Jon Cosburn and I have joined some years ago and founded our company SysEx (Pty) Ltd.  We provide software development (server side as well as on workstations) and computer network design, planning, implementation and maintenance.

Our networks are free of virii, low-spam, extremely reliable, secure. Our technology of choice is UNIX, especially Linux. Break-ins ae rare. Very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is our middle name.

For dynamic web sites (e-commerce, eletronic publishing, ...), we exploit PHP, the best server side solution available right now. Using it, the only limiting factor of your servers is your bandwidth.

All our workstation software is based on Qt, the best multi-platform toolkid available today. If possible, we use KDE.

If you need an IT solution that simply works get in touch with me and we can work out something suitable for you.

If you really want us to write software proprietary to yourself we'll do that but we prefer to develop open source software. Don't let me go into the details of it. For now, just this: It's a kind of distributed cost model. You only pay for those features you specifically need. In return, you benefit from all those features others need and pay for. Try it out and see how well it works!

Uwe Thiem