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About Uwe

Born in Hannover, Germany, in 1954, I came to sunny Namibia in December 1994 and fell in love with this  beautiful country almost immediately. The vast open spaces, the relaxed lifestyle, the people, the diversity of cultures, the wildlife - all of it makes me feel like I belong to Africa where mankind has once taken its first steps.

Being an IT expert and software developer, there is plenty of work for me although I'd rather saddle my old 4x4 with my rooftent and go remote places. I simply have to do that several times a year. Usually, I leave all my computers behind and  only take my camera along. Some of the results, you can see in my Namibia section.

Uwe in his garden
Working in my garden isn't exactly my favourite pasttime but if I have to I'll do it.

The garden at my current house isn't much of it. Still, I have at least some herbes - sweet bazil, thyme, oregano and some others.

While cooking isn't my favourite pasttime either, I can do anything from lentil soup to canard orange. Bread is another thing I bake myself. Sour dough bread to be precise. It takes two days but is worth the effort.

If I had the time and the house were mine I would probably have an indigenous garden with lots of succulents, acacias and the like.

Hobbies. Well, I don't know whether  I have got any hobbies. I am interested in almost everything around me - from prehistoric "history" to theoretical physics, from intercultural communications to mathematics, from dancing a night away to genetics, from baking bread to photography. There is one thing that obsesses me: reading and writing.

Personality? Hm ... don't trust anybody describing themselves. ;-) I'm the typical choleric person.  I might throw bricks but never books.

Uwe Thiem