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When I was much younger, I did a lot of sports, mainly athletics. Well, decathlon (which was a mistake because I was far too small for that, should have stuck to 400m). Exercised 6 days a week, several hours a day and became. Lateron, I switched to karate (and exercised only two days a week), became quite good at it (no, I will not reveal the belt I once possessed). Nowadays, I am with the late American author Robert Heinlein who said once: All necessary exercising can be done in bed. ;-)

I don't care about sports any more. With this one exception: Table soccer. That's no sports? Huh, you haven't played against me yet. I am still quite fast. It's partly a legacy I have inherited from my father who has had incredible fast reactions some time ago. It's partly trainable; guess karate did that to me.

We have got a soccer table in our house. Come along and get sweaty all over. I am challenging you! Hope there will soon be a photo of one of our fierce table soccer matches.

We have also got a tennis table but I must admit that's not my kind of sports. Felix (sie our house) is the usual winner in any table tennis competition.

Uwe Thiem