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Ngatukondje Nganjone, half Herero and half Owambo, known as Ngatu, has been born in Old Farm, Zambia, on the 18th of September 1975. His parents were refugees from Namibia at that stage. The family moved quite a lot between Zambia and Angola until they finally returned to Namibia in 1990.

In 1988, Ngatu started to play the guitar. Together with other students at his school Putwavanga in Opuwo, he formed his first band.Their first public performance took place in March 1994 at their school's Independence celebration.

Ngatu started to compose and write his own songs in 1998 and is now well-known throughout Namibias's music scene. He describes his own music as a combination of Shumbo (traditinal music found in the north of Namibia amoung Owambos), African Fusion and Reggae.

The launch of his newest project, the CD Biggest Gift, took place at The Warehouse on 1st of May 2004. You can get an impression of the launch. Get the CD Biggest Gift at the usual music shops. (Update: 1000 copies were sold within three days of availability!)

Uwe Thiem